Sodality is the best Online Giving Platform for Churches

Why Sodality is the best Online Giving Platform for Churches?

People increasingly give tithes and offerings online rather than writing checks or handing over cash in worship. It was easy to pass the offering plate around for a long time. In contrast, things seem quite different now that people are shifting their focus to online donations. Many churches began accepting donations exclusively online after the global pandemic. When congregations began holding services online, many also began accepting donations online. 

Even if more people attend services in person, this has not necessarily translated into more traditional tithing forms. The convenience of online giving platform has made it the preferred method of giving for many. As a result, it is important to implement a straightforward method for accepting tithes and offerings online. 

What is an Online Giving Platform? 

Churches can make use of online giving platform, which facilitate both one-time and regular monetary donations from members of the congregation. That can be done through several digital channels, such as a church’s app, website, or even text message. Donations can be made in many ways, including by credit card, debit card, check scanning, and even cryptocurrency. 

In addition to providing a more convenient method of weekly giving, online giving platform can help your church’s members become more faithful benefactors. Members of the church can give whatever they feel led to give, whenever they feel led to give, and can even automate their giving by setting up recurring gifts. Donating to a church is now more convenient than ever, thanks to online giving platform that accept all types of payment (from debit and credit cards to direct withdrawals from bank accounts). 

You may tailor Sodality to meet the needs of your church, as can many other giving systems. 

Find out why Sodality is the ideal fundraising platform for religious organization and how it may help your church expand.

Looking For Best Online Giving Platform?

Sodality is the best Online Giving Platform for churches and world-class religious organization.

How Sodality’s Online Giving Platform can help Churches? 

No matter the size of a church, there are several advantages to accepting donations online. Read on if you are interested in how churches can reap the rewards of online donations. This article will discuss how this simple tool can improve your church’s congregation. 

1. The Automatic Fund-Raising Feature 

It is fantastic to receive one-time presents. Churches would benefit most from receiving automatic monthly contributions. Regular monthly giving is crucial to a church’s financial stability. Donors can circumvent the issue of monthly donations by using various methods, such as setting up recurring payments through their bank. They waste the donor’s time and add to your workload. 

On the other hand, online giving platform like Sodality streamline the process of collecting regular contributions from your congregation. Thanks to this program, manual customer data registration will no longer be needed. 

2. It does not require hard currency or paper checks to operate

Let us face facts: nowadays, few individuals still use paper checks. That means you could be disappointed if you plan your fundraising event around the idea that people would pull out their checkbooks and hand you a check. To be a modern fundraiser, you need to be able to accept payments online. 

Sodality’s unified platform allows you to easily direct contributors to your church’s donation page or direct them there yourself. Your fundraising effort can be tailored to your audience’s interests in either case. 

3. Allows Donors to Make Quick Payments 

Did you know you can usually donate in under a minute using a service like PayPal? That is the sweet spot in terms of convenience for users. People born after the mid-1990s are the first to have grown up with cell phones. They are used to making instantaneous selections and purchases online. Churches often overlook the willingness of today’s youth to contribute. And, you guessed it, most of them are young adults now. 

But “Philanthroteens” is not a name chosen at random. They care deeply about others and want to help, but they want to do it quickly and easily using technology. 

4. Donors are free to choose the specific fund they wish to contribute to

What do you do to keep your donors interested in what you are doing? One effective strategy is to provide a delicate touch. Many givers have a specific mission in mind that God has placed on their hearts. It might be the local youth outreach program your church sponsors or the overseas mission activity your congregation financially supports. However, many feel inspired to support the church rather than contribute to a particular account. 

The many donation alternatives available to online donors can be presented. 

All necessary money can be organized by the church, including through one-off collections. Donors may view their options in one convenient place when they access the page or app. 

5. Conveniently keeps church records 

Donation processing is the single most time-consuming activity for church managers. Who made the contributions, and what was the occasion? Have the funds been tallied, sorted, stored, and sent to the bank? Have you congratulated the contributor and provided them with a receipt they may use for their taxes? 

Paperwork is eliminated when donations are made digitally. There is no longer any need to collect and deposit cash or cheques because the online giving platform records the information. Unlike before, your church administrator will have a lot more time on their hands. 

6. Allows Donors to Make Gifts Before They’re Forgotten 

Everyone in your church, young and old alike, seems to have a smartphone they carry about constantly. That means everybody is constantly bombarded with messages, emails, and commercials. Unsurprisingly, the average American looks at their phone over 2,000 times a day. 

But smartphones are more than a diversion; they also present a chance to give. Instantly accept contributions from your congregation with a mobile donation app. 

7. It ensures the safety of donations 

If you are dead set on sending a physical check to your church’s treasurer, you can still do so by snail mail. Many consumers worry about trusting the mail with valuables like cash, checks, and personal information because of the estimated 4.7% annual loss rate. Cash donated directly to the collection plate still runs the risk of being misplaced or stolen. 

This is not an issue with online donations. Members of your congregation may gain confidence when they use a safe and reliable system. 

8. Enables prompt appreciation messages 

Affirm, affirm, and more affirmation is the key to building connections with donors. Giving up ten percent of one’s income is challenging for anyone, even those fully dedicated to tithing. Keep in mind that if your church has benefited from the generosity of its members, it is only fair that you return the favor. Donors who feel appreciated will be more likely to continue providing financial support. You can immediately give them a sincere message through the same digital channels they used to donate. 

Choosing Sodality to increase church attendance worldwide is a wise decision due to the various advantages of online donating for churches. Contact us today to find out how our innovative program can increase support for your church. 

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Key features of Sodality Church Giving App 

Listed below are some of Sodality’s features that make it an excellent choice for loosely organized groups: 

1) Member’s Messaging 

Your users can have one-on-one conversations or hold discussions in self-organized groups using the in-app chat feature. Having a built-in chat feature is a wonderful way for members to stay connected and expand their professional network. 

2) Increase your fundraising efforts by organizing and publicizing more events 

With the help of Sodality, it is simple to announce events to a group’s constituents and have them show up. Members and non-members can pay different rates if desired. It will be helpful to know how many individuals attended each event to allocate resources better. 

3) Increase the frequency and rate of your gifts 

Your mobile app makes it simple and convenient for donors to give money. Avoid going through the hassle of creating these web pages and asking designers to include them. Donations can be one-time or recurring; users can do it all from within the Sodality app. 

4) The effective management of members 

Simply and efficiently, Sodality can help cover multi-chapter or single-corporation configurations. It is your job to maintain tabs on everyone on your team and find ways to foster better communication among you all. 

5) In-app Donations 

Launching a payment system within your branded mobile app for membership organization is the time to start receiving payments. In-app purchases can be made using either a credit or debit card. 

6) Online Library 

Keep sight of the reading materials you have made available to the public, including books, audiobooks, and religious texts. If you want people to stay interested in your organization’s mission and activities, your library is a great resource to use to do just that. 

7) Charitable Contributions Via Text Message 

Text the donation amount to the short number you specify, and the money will be received immediately. Put out your donation short code and get money in the door immediately. 

8) Abolish all contractual obligations 

After the initial setup, your company will pay monthly-to-month with no long-term commitment to receive monthly updates and new features. 

9) Volunteer Registration Form 

The Sodality is an effective means of keeping track of your group’s volunteer roster. A person who wants to assist can download the app and join up to do so. 

10) Plug-ins for Websites 

Donate with a simple widget you can add to your website. We implement a standard, two-line code for your website’s needs to process all donations similarly. 

Why is Sodality the best free-giving app for churches? 

As a result, you can tailor your choices to suit your requirements in today’s diverse and accommodating global society. Though this is usually seen as a positive development, what happens when there are too many options? Knowing which course of action to take while collecting online donations takes time and effort. 

Sodality is the finest church-giving app, and we have compiled a list of why. With this information, you may confidently select the optimal service for your requirements. 

1. Easy Setup 

Those who work in churches are aware of how chaotic the organization of one can be. Spending a lot of time installing the church giving app is the last thing you need. Even a novice user will have no trouble getting up and running in Sodality because of its user-friendly interface. 

2. Low Fees 

The fees associated with online tithing services are a source of worry for some congregations. When using Sodality, it is possible to set up a fundraising campaign at no cost. 

3. Branded Donation Forms 

Donation forms with your church’s branding are an excellent method to maintain a consistent voice and message. Donors concerned with stewardship of their financial gifts to your church might also benefit from this. 

4. Several Different Ways to Pay 

Donors should be able to utilize the way most convenient for them, whether that is a credit card, debit card, or even writing and scanning a check. 

5. Schedules for Monthly Contributions 

Setting up automatic withdrawals from a bank account or charges on a credit card for regular donations is one of the most convenient features of online tithing. Donors can set up easy, automated recurring payments this way. 

6. The ability for Donors to Cover Fees 

There is often a nominal cost associated with using a payment processing service provided by a third party. Donors can be reassured that their contributions will be in their entirety if your church allows them to pay the processing charge. 

7. Organizing donations and cultivating relationships with benefactors 

The relationship is the most vital aspect of giving. You should try to invest in and maintain communication with your contributors through capabilities built into your church giving app, such as a Messaging option. 

8. Digital Donation Acknowledgements 

Many donors like being able to look back on their past contributions. Your donations will be more organized with the help of an online giving solution that can automatically produce receipts. 

9. Third-party Integrations 

In 2022, your church may be employing a wide variety of various kinds of software. Your church can benefit from a more streamlined experience provided by an online platform with third-party connectors. 

10. Safe Methods of Credit Card Transactions 

Protecting your donations is a top priority. Donor’s care about the security of their data, including payment and contact details. Find a method that will keep your donations safe. 

Boost your Online Giving Platform with Sodality

Sodality fully managed your online giving platform helping you engage and grow


Sodality is the greatest option in terms of pricing and functionality if you are searching for an all-inclusive online giving platform for churches, as it offers features like accounting, service planning, text messaging, and mobile giving app. Sodality is here to help you raise money for whatever cause you to care about, whether it is for yourself, a friend, or a white label platform for non-profit organization. The option to upload photographs and videos to illustrate your story sets our robust platform apart.  

Telling your story and using our fundraising tools will help you connect with more people who care about your cause, increase your chances of receiving donations, and strengthen your relationships with those who want to see you succeed. Also, our Customer Support staff are here to help. The question then becomes, “Why wait?” Start your online fundraising campaign today with the help of our professionals.