Religious Organizations

Engage with your followers and donors with branded mobile app platform
Spread your vision and mission by using Sodality mobile app engagement platform. With Sodality your members will feel more connected with their beliefs through video archives, latest studies, religious texts, event notifications, and much more.
Religious organizations app

Engage with followers

Provide your users and followers access to religious text, latest sermons, and videos of your last event. They now have all they need at their fingertips with your branded mobile app through Sodality.
Sodality App
Sodality App

Donations reach you faster

Be it for a special cause in local community or thanking the community. Your donors do not need to wauit anymore for the next in person meeting. They can use their mobile app to send in their donations with single tap securely.

Promote more community engagement

Grow and promote your community engagement with notifications for your next events and asking your followers to download your branded mobile app. They receive notification in their hands whenever you put up your next event with details.
Sodality App
Sodality App

Notify your followers with news

You don’t need to send those emails or put up the posters to promote a cause or notify your community. Notifying your community is as simple as sending a note with Sodality mobile app.


Sodality is a unique way of engaging with your members and donors through a single-window mobile app platform that will help your organization grow, raise, and engage better with your users.
SMS / Text Donations

Users can send the donations directly by simply texting amount and your provided short code. Start publishing your short code and accepting donations now.

Online Library

Manage your scriptures, audio notes and books to be made available for the users. The library is an amazing way to keep your users engaged with organization’s mission.

Volunteer Signup

Manage your list of volunteers with Sodality. The volunteers can now sign up and send their interest to the organization directly via the app.

In-App Donations

Start accepting payments from your own branded app now. Users can choose to pay via credit or debit card through the app.

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No Setup Fee

Standard 10% payment processing fee

Unique whitelabel branded app platform

Launch your own branded mobile apps on iOS and Android today

Start accepting donations online immediately

Grow by keeping your members more engaged through events and latest happenings

Users can chat with each other and organization board within app

Flexible add-ons to provide more value as you grow