Fully managed White Label App helping you engage and grow

Non-Profit Organizations

Unique branded White Label Solution for your non-profit members.

Religious Organizations

Engage your followers and donors with white label mobile app platform.

Membership Organizations

Continuously grow your brand engaging with new and existing members.

What we do

Sodality is a white label Mobile app platform with world class features to support, engage and grow your organization. Helping nonprofits and membership organizations offer their own branded mobile digital experience.


Engage with your members more by creating &  promoting the events through the Sodality mobile app platform under your own brand. 


Increase your donations with ease of payments from your mobile app. Members choose to pay one time or recurring donations.


Manage your members with multiple chapters spread geographically. Members have unique ways of engaging with others and reach out to the organization.


Members pay for their dues and paid events using simple single click process through your mobile app.

Members Messaging

Your members can chat within app to engage one to one or within self managed groups. The in app chat helps members to stay connected and network with other members.

Website Widgets

Accept donations with easy to plugin widget for your existing websites. We integrate with simple 2 line code created specific for your website to have uniform method of accepting donations.

Tools to help manage your organization and engage your members.

Sodality is a unique way of engaging with your members and donors through a single-window mobile app platform that will help your organization grow, raise, and engage better with your users.

In-App Donations

Start accepting payments from your own branded app now. Users can choose to pay via credit or debit card through the app.

Highly Customizable

Use extensive settings options available in platform to customize and pick the options only suitable for your organization.

Multi Location Chapters

Manage the workload and create multiple locations / chapters for your organizations. Members can belong or donate to their own respective locations.

Online Library

Manage your scriptures, audio notes and books to be made available for the users. The library is an amazing way to keep your users engaged with organization’s mission.

Ready to use Sodality?

Sodality App


No Setup Fee

Standard 10% payment processing fee

Unique whitelabel branded app platform

Launch your own branded mobile apps on iOS and Android today

Start accepting donations online immediately

Grow by keeping your members more engaged through events and latest happenings

Users can chat with each other and organization board within app

Flexible add-ons to provide more value as you grow

Frequently Asked Questions

White-label applications are created by other companies or individual developers to resell. These applications work as a template and can be branded with the name/colors of other organizations or individuals. Sodality, a unique white-label application is primarily created for non-profit, membership, and religious organizations. To know more, sign up here.  

Sodality is a white-label mobile application platform that can be branded in your name, exclusively for membership, nonprofit and religious organizations. Click here for the free sign-up.

Sodality comes with a $0 setup with a 10% platform fee. To know more about our pricing structure, click here. 

There are following ways through which Sodality can help you to engage more people:


  • Events Notifications (Notify users of upcoming events and other crucial information)
  • Sign-ups (Users can self-signup by providing their details.)
  • Online Library (Help you to engage users with audio notes, scriptures, and books.)
  • Members messaging (Help your members to connect by send messages)
  • Custom Emails (This feature can help you send custom emails to members and volunteers.)

To learn more about the features! Click here 

You should opt for Sodality because it provides effortless ways to engage members and growth for nonprofits, membership, and religious organizations. For more details! sign up today.

An organization such as a membership, nonprofit, or religious can grow depending on the participation of its members. The better your engagement app, the more enthusiastic your members will be. Engaged members can increase new membership through word of mouth. To know more sign up with us today!

Sodality comes with sms/text donation feature that allows you to complete your transactions securely by sending a text message.