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How to Create a Branded App for any Membership Organization?

Due to rapid app development in recent years, mobile apps can now perform previously impossible tasks. These days, we use applications for more than just making purchases, reading books, playing games, and getting takeout. 

Applications built for mobile devices serve various important and practical functions. The importance of apps has been demonstrated throughout industries, and they have become integral to many operations. 

As do-it-yourself (DIY) app development platforms for membership organization management mobile app (android and iOS) have become more widely available online, increased companies are adopting a mobile strategy. The development of useful apps is a primary focus for many businesses with the hopes of increasing consumer loyalty and making their products more accessible. 

Businesses that rely on members to pay for access to their services and programs face the same problem. In sectors where this strategy makes sense, membership organization applications are quickly becoming the norm. 

This article will cover all you need to know about membership organization apps, so make sure you read to the conclusion. Learn why making apps for your subscribers is an innovative idea and how you can put these ideas into practice. Start right now! 

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What is a Membership Organization

Individuals sign up for membership and pay a regular fee to gain access to the benefits provided by the business. It lays out the framework for tiered memberships, recurring income streams, marketing initiatives, tradeshows, and budgets. 

These are some examples of membership-based organizations: 

  1. Clubs (swimming, tennis, gym, etc.) 
  1. Professional Association (writing association, engineering association, nursing association, etc.) 
  1. Chamber associations, alumni associations, etc.  

Why Do You Need a Custom App Solution for Your Membership Organization 

The app is a terrific way to promote your business, stay in mind with members/donors, and improve service quality. Nowadays, every business uses custom branding in apps, but membership organizations (non-Profit/religious organization/community groups) benefit the most. 

Learn the top 5 justifications for personalizing your membership management apps. 


1. Members can carry your brand wherever they go

In the United States, half of the most popular brands from 1923 were still among the top five even after 100 years.

The development of branded mobile apps in the modern day demonstrates that you understand your consumers’ needs and are present where they do business.

Sending out push notifications to members about events, deals, and classes is a fantastic way to keep your name in front of them regularly. This will assist your members in connecting the good feelings they get from your lessons with using the app when they go home.

2. Show your attention to the trivial details

Instead of having the software maker’s name plastered all over your membership app, personalized branding shows that you care about the quality of your product and your company’s reputation.

What happens if a member notices that you care about details like the logo on the app they use to join? They are more likely to believe that you care about providing them with a high-quality membership experience by paying attention to the details.

3. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Having your own unique branding on yours is an effortless way to set yourself apart from the competition and unlock lucrative new opportunities for your organization.

4. Save money on app development

A membership app with all the bells and whistles required to deliver a stellar user experience takes time and effort.

Constructing an app requires brainstorming, consulting on design, writing/copy editing, coding, and testing. Why not invest in a custom app solution for a membership app (like sodality) and then add your branding to it?

5. Make your app a required component of your membership plan

Branding your membership app with your logo and colors makes it look more professional, sets you apart from the competition, and makes the app easier to use.

Having a branded mobile app increases the likelihood that members will consider using your service. This raises the prospect of them becoming consistent users and participants in your courses.

What are membership apps? An Introduction 

Membership apps, like membership websites, provide a means for businesses and other organizations to provide members with restricted access to various sorts of material, resources, services, etc. 

Many companies that view their customers or clients as members use membership management software extensively to plan and implement these services across the board. 

Since mobility, portability, and other benefits are inherent to mobile app technology, apps facilitate this access and membership management for providers and users. 

Consider the following example to further grasp how membership apps are used in various sectors. 


Hey College, a service that provides guidance to students who are considering applying to colleges, is a type of membership site that offers apps. It provides professional guidance, facilitates communication with other prospective students, and aids in the search for the ideal college. Having a mobile app is crucial for an educational support company like Hey College so that they can offer students a streamlined and easy means of communication.                  

There is no limit to the number of sectors that could benefit from membership organization apps. In the end, a membership app’s price depends on the business’s requirements. A membership-based app’s entire mode of operation and technique will be influenced by the app’s target market, industry, business objectives, and ambitions. 
You can, for instance, establish an app with restricted access for paying members only, or you can designate a certain section of the app for members only. Many newspapers, for instance, let readers read stories for free but encourage them to sign up for a paid subscription to get additional materials like notes, pdfs, and e-papers. 
Not all apps are created equally; some may have a single membership tier with a single set of privileges, while others may have multiple membership tiers with varying sets of privileges. This could be determined by several factors, such as the chosen pricing plan, the length of the commitment, the customer’s loyalty, and so on. 
Often, a membership app will include features from many different app types and ecommerce services. People can use it to donate to the cause they care for, read information about your events, and communicate with others in their communities using a custom app. 
Membership applications are upgraded versions of regular subscription apps. In contrast to subscribers, members are not restricted to merely gaining access to a certain function or service but may do much more while maintaining a sense of community. 

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Purpose & Benefits of Membership apps 

 The primary goal of membership applications is to provide a mobile platform for users and non-profit organizations to track and handle all kinds of membership-related data and responsibilities. 
Depending on the membership type and the sector, membership applications’ primary function may change. Some of the fundamental advantages of membership apps, though, persist. 
If you make a membership app, you may guarantee the following benefits for your members: 

1. Offer ease of accessibility 

You must recognize the importance of satisfied customers to the growth of your business. You may guarantee a fantastic experience for your consumers or clients and use that as leverage to expand your business with a membership app. 

Since joining and maintaining memberships would be much simpler, participation should increase. Most of your clients are likely to own smartphones, making mobile apps an absolute necessity. Having access to this information via a mobile app can only improve their experience. 

2. Streamline organization processes 

Mobile device apps can also simplify business owners’ lives by giving them more control and influence over their operations. It might help you become more organized and systematic in your business processes. 

Providing your clients with a membership app that allows them to experience new things can broaden your business’ horizons. You have many options, including designing customer loyalty programs and providing tiered access to your offerings. 

3. Add a personalized appeal 

You can better categorize and understand your clientele with a membership organization app. You may tailor your service to each customer’s specific needs by analyzing their membership plan selection, onboarding preferences, app usage, and other data. 

For instance, if you have segmented your membership plans according to features, you can infer customers’ motivations and expectations from their chosen plan. Individualized suggestions for users can be made based on these variables. 

4. Leverage data availability 

Having an app can provide you with a wealth of information about your clientele. In some cases, mobile apps can be a gold mine of information. One option is to gain access to contact information, such as email addresses, and use those to expand your mailing list. 

The demographic and individual information of clients is also available to you. This data will allow you to make educated choices about your company’s marketing and branding strategies. 

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Sales 

Users that sign up for a membership app are committed to your business and willing to devote time and money to it. The software can be used to strengthen relationships with both new and returning clients. Once you have an app, you can use re-targeting and engagement efforts to contact inactive users and expose them to the app. 

Combining the above criteria and this specific and direct approach can achieve a high conversion rate. Boosting your conversions and return on investment (ROI) can be achieved by encouraging more site visitors to become paying customers and existing customers to become members (Return on Investment). 

Salient Features of an Excellent Membership App 

Now, let us find out what characteristics can strengthen a membership app’s viability and effectiveness. Review the following to become familiar with these options: 

1. Easy onboarding 

The onboarding process for your members must be simple and quick via the mobile app you develop for them. Customers will like the ability to sign up in several ways, such as through email, Google, Facebook, etc. 

It will provide a baseline for the entire customer experience and allow you to gather essential data about your clientele. Therefore, it is important to thoughtfully design your welcome screens and onboarding pages to ensure a smooth experience. 

2. Easy to navigate 

Create a beautiful, high-functioning home screen for your native app and provide users with a seamless navigation experience. Make a well-organized smart menu with categories and sub-categories to make the app’s content simple to find. 

Generate well-thought-out Calls to Action (CTAs) that motivate users to perform the intended tasks. Facilitate your members’ progress through the buying process by making it simple for them to navigate the app. 

3. Appealing Content 

 Consistency in brand voice and content is essential across all channels. The app you create for your members should provide them with many useful options. For this reason, decisions about the app’s layout and content should be made with care. 

Remember to give equal weight to form and function when implementing new features into the program. Pick a theme that stands out and a font that is easy on the eyes and keep your message concise. The information should be tailored to the individual as much as possible and stand out. 

4. Easy and quick money transfers 

To function, membership organization apps must accept payments. This means the app needs to have the means to process member payments in a safe setting. Depending on your field, you could track various financial transactions, including bills, invoices, payments, cancellations, and subscriptions. 

Instead, it ought to work in tandem with the same online payment processors as your website. If it fits with your specialty and company objectives, you may add carts and product filters to simplify the payment process for your consumers. 

5. Different access level 

Access to the app’s various screens and features may need to be limited if you create a subscription app. Because of this, the software needs to support multiple tiers of membership. 

Get the word out to users so they know how to sign up for a subscription and what benefits they will receive. Additionally, ensure the app can accommodate growth and user-initiated changes, such as a shift in membership level. 

6. Strong in-app communication 

There needs to be in-app chat and message capabilities. Some examples of such features are notifications, prompts, a place to rate and review content, ad space, social media integration, and the like. 

An in-app discussion forum is also available. The members can share their stories and learn from the experiences of others. Do not forget to incorporate a “share” button into your app so that users can easily inform their friends and family about it. 

7. User Analytics 

Create membership management software with the ability to collect useful metrics and user information. Access to relevant data and information can improve your branding and advertising decisions. 

Installations, uninstallations, membership signups, cancellations, upgrades, downgrades, and more may all be monitored. Take your company to new heights by using the data to guide your next round of marketing and other strategic decisions. 


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