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Reasons Why A White Label Community App May Be The Best Option For You?


During the pandemic, one thing that helped companies to earn and grow is none other than the digital world. With the help of this digital world, people are getting fulfilled their needs in very less time. In this blog, we will be discussing how white-label app platforms are creating their place in this digital world serving community groups in their way. In an addition, if you are new to white labeling then you are at the right place because here, we are covering everything including reasons why a white-label community app may be the best option for you from scratch.  

Now, allow us to introduce you to what is the white-label community app. 

White Label Community Platform: What is it? 

White-label applications are applications that are not created by the seller who sells or markets the products. These applications are created by someone else primarily called third parties. In other words, white labelling is a process in which the manufacturer creates a product within the contract and sells that to the marketer/ seller of that product. These sellers and marketers rebrand this product under their name and then distribute it to their customers. Customers can directly buy it from the marketing or selling company. Since the late 1990s private-label branding has become a massive global phenomenon. 

Now, we will be discussing the qualities that you should look for if you are looking for a white-label application.  

What qualities a white label application should have? 

There are several qualities that a white-label application must have: 

1. To engage people

A good white-label application must have a feature that will help you to engage with your members by creating events or campaigns. In this way, it will be easy to send notifications to all the people at once. In this way, they will be aware of what is happening currently. This is a must-have feature that helps in building bond between different members of your community. Since nowadays people from different geological locations are trying to connect services at different locations. A white-label community platform is said to be best if it will help you to manage other people and members at different locations. So that people can engage easily. 

2. Donations Collection 

A white-label solution must contain an easy-to-use gateway for payments. In an addition, it will be a great option if this application also gives you the liberty to pay one time or to subscribe service for a lifetime. In this way, your application will be more user-friendly since it saves time for your clients, and they can enjoy your services even more.     

3. Easy to use Payment Gateways 

An application must contain this feature as people are moving towards cashless payments more. The easy payments gateways feature allows members to pay via a single click without any hassle. This will also encourage people to add more other people to their community.       

4. Platform to Communicate 

In a good white label app platform, there must be a tool that helps in communication with other people. For example, in our Sodality fundraising application, there is a feature called “Members”. This feature allows you to communicate with other members and groups within the application.       

Let us help you to understand the white label applications with this diagram below: 

Manufacturer                                           Marketer / Seller                                       Customers  
Manufacturers are the creators of applications. Marketer and seller are the people who sell the product or solution.   Customers can buy service or solution directly from the seller.    

Now, you must be thinking about the advantages of white-label solutions. Here is the answer to your solution. 

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Reasons Why a White Label Community App may be Best Option for you? 

1. Branding 

In white labelling, according to their expertise, one firm can concentrate on manufacturing the product while another firm can concentrate on the market and selling the product. In this scenario, the white labelling process allows everyone to create a fine product. White labelling allows you to rebrand the product or software as per your preferences. Using cutting-edge, white-labelled solutions, the marketer will help you build your brand online. Your company name, logo, and branding might help you create a user-friendly and reachable website or product.  

2. Save your time 

As a start-up, entrepreneurs have a specific time for everything because they need to complete everything on their own or with fewer team members. In this case, white labelling can save you time to some extent. Since you can take help from different manufacturers to create your product, you can utilize this time in some other processes.  

3. Fully Customizable Product 

Manufacturers and developers can create a product to meet your requirements. These white-label platforms offer to implement your design and appearance because of their flexibility.  

4. Risk-Free 

You can opt for the best coders and programmers to create your software in white labelling. Your product is less prone to vulnerabilities. Since the creation of these applications involves experts hence these applications are error-free applications. 

5. Enhance your Sales 

In white labelling, your customers will be able to purchase your product directly from your website. This will ease the purchasing process for your customers and hence increase the sales of your branded application to the next level.  

6. No prior Coding knowledge is required 

In white labelling manufacturers are equipped with high technical coding skills. So, there is no requirement for a seller to know deeply about coding. In other words, if you have an idea to create some product and enough marketing skills to market that product you can opt for a different manufacturing team that will help you to produce that product. There is no need for you to learn to code and then start working on it.  

Meanwhile, you can strategize the marketing campaigns and other important stuff to work on.  

7. Time to Expand 

Since in white labelling there is another team who helps in other activities such as manufacturing and marketing of the product or software. You have enough time to enhance your skills or even work on some other product. In this way, you can also maintain your work-life and personal life balance. 

8. Privilege to set your Price Points 

In white labelling, you are allowed to set your price points when selling the product to your clients. There is a great chance to offer enormous profit margins and even to set up a new business simultaneously.  

9. Client Satisfaction 

White-label solutions come with solutions that help to increase the rate of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a key factor in why people are choosing white-label app platforms. White-label solution providers such as sodality will always be there to answer every question. With our application, you can be able to offer fluid communication to your clients. We assure you that your customers will be satisfied, and you may get recommendations from them as a result. 

10. No hassle in Troubleshooting 

In white labelling, manufacturers are responsible for troubleshooting the application. So as a marketer you do not need to worry about the troubleshooting process. Our team of developers will help you with every question you have related to troubleshooting your white-label application.  

White Label Fundraising platform: Is it a wise move? 

White labelling is a good idea when it comes to start-ups. Since it takes time to build a strong brand name. Developers have enough product development skills, and their products might perform best if live on the internet but do not possess enough marketing skills to enhance the reach of their customers. In this case. So, it is a good move for start-ups.  

Depending upon each company’s experience and preferences, one company may focus on creating the product, another on marketing it, and the third may be on selling it. Sometimes marketers and sellers are the same in the white labelling process. The white labelling process offers business time, effort, and financial savings in terms of production and marketing costs. Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of the white labelling solution process.  

Tips to get the best White label Partnership  

Know your goal 

You must understand your goal and try to explain it clearly to your partner. For example, if you are looking for a white-label application manufacturer then you must tell them some important information such as what is your target audience, what is your budget, and what kind of features you want in your applications. This will help your partner to understand your requirements in a better way and they can easily start their work without any queries.  

Schedule Meeting 

It is crucial to schedule a call in between the process. This will help you and your partner to clear out the queries easily. In this way, every important person can get notified about the progress of the overall system. In case your partner has already created an application for you. You can discuss the features that you would like to add to your application as per your need in detail.  

Measurement of Success 

If you find anything that is not up to the mark or if any feature is not committing as promised. You can simply contact your white-label partner and ask them to update that feature in your way, they will surely help you with the best possible solution.  

Scope of customization

Before choosing a company, you should ask them if they allow customizations in their application because a good white-label application must contain enough options for customizations. Also, this system must possess enough flexibility and scalability.  

Types of white-label solutions you should know about 

There are different types of white-label solutions according to your needs and requirement. Let’s discuss it in detail. 

White label Fundraising platform for Non-profit Organization 

There are several fundraising platforms for white label non-profit organizations. These white-label solutions for non-profit organizations help these organizations to raise funds easily with the combination of different tools. Nowadays white-label platforms are also coming with additional functionalities such as creating fundraising campaigns and donations functionality. 

White label Fundraising platform for Religious Organization 

These white-label solutions are exclusively for religious organizations. For example, Sodality is a church management solution that is made for churches and religious organizations of all sizes. This is a very simple and easy-to-integrated software solution. These white-label and fundraising apps will give you the features such as membership management, establishing communication between different members and volunteers, contributions of members, and payment gateways. 


Sodality has been providing the best fundraising apps solution for religious, non-profit, and membership organizations. The benefits of white-label solutions are endless. So, what do you think, are you ready to explore our white label community platform? If you are looking for a white-label application for a non-profit organization, religious organization, or membership organization then you should directly contact us or visit our website to discuss your requirements further. 

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Frequently asked questions :

Q1.Does the product fit well with your existing products? 

Yes, our white-label solution sodality provides you with enough features based on your requirement. Our experts will help you in finding the right place for your new white-label application.  

Q2.Is it easy to scale and implement for hundreds of clients? 

Ans) Yes, with time it will be easy to scale the white-label solution to this extent as per your requirement. Sodality comes with three variations. The first version is available free of cost with no setup fee and with a standard 10% payment processing fee. Then we have three addon features under the name’s donation addon, Service addon, and SMS addon. For more details, you sign up today by visiting our website.  

Q3.What is the difference between White labelling and distributor? 

Ans) White labelling is a simple process in which you have a chance to get your product manufactured by someone else. You can opt for a white-label solution according to your needs.  

Whereas a distributor is only responsible for distributing your product to the customer. Distributorships do not take any participation in rebranding the software or product. 

Q4.What questions do you ask while choosing a White Label Community Platform? 

Ans) There are a few things you should ask yourself and the agency before choosing white-label solutions to fulfil your needs. There are some aspects such as search engine optimization and content development other important things that you have in mind. Do not forget to inquire about the company’s capabilities and review previous customers. Our platform, Sodality is one of the leading white-label fundraising platforms that will help you in reaching your goal. 

Q5.How do we build a white-label app for you? 

Ans) We have a white-label community app known as sodality that helps you to communicate with your team members, raise funds, and do many more activities. This application has an easy payment gateway that gives your client a smooth environment. For more details, you can visit our website or even book an appointment. So that we can discuss your requirements in detail. 

Q6.What is the main idea behind the white labelling approach?  

Ans) The main idea of white-label products is to let companies enter the market quickly and easily. In addition, white-label applications give you to choose the features for your application. The goal of white labelling is too easy the process from the development of a product to its reach to the end customer. With sodality, we offer the best features for you.