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How To Get Donations Online For Your Church?

Religion has consistently been the largest recipient of charitable giving in America (defined as giving specifically to congregations, denominations, missionary societies, and religious media), according to Nonprofit Source. 2020 Giving USA report, however, indicates that religious organizations only account for 29 percent of total charitable giving in the United States. That is down from 58 percent in the 1980s, according to the report.  The generosity of Americans is not down, but the amount of money they are giving out has increased.

Most Americans give to non-profit organizations and movements. Some claim that this is because religion has played less of a role in their lives in recent decades. People also do not turn to religious institutions as often as they used to for spiritual, emotional, and social support, since other things fulfill those functions.  Lack of resources often stifles the ability of churches to meet their needs, but it does not have to cripple your church’s effectiveness. The purpose of this article is to provide tips and insights into one of the most significant things that churches can do to increase their support for online giving. 

Online Donation or Tithing

By biblical definition, tithing means 10% of one’s income. Church members interpret this as 10% of their “increase,” or annual income. Donations are based on honor. No income statements or pay slips are needed. Tithing donations are received through the local congregational leader or bishop. In turn, the funds are transferred to Church headquarters, where they are allocated and disbursed directly to the Church’s many worldwide programs. This includes its educational and missionary efforts, its building and humanitarian projects, as well as its welfare and humanitarian activities.

Through the construction and maintenance of church facilities, tithing provides physical and spiritual relief for the community. As well as tithing and giving to the poor, Latter-day Saints believe that they are needed to contribute to the Church’s care for the less fortunate. Funds given to the Church are sacred to it. Members’ voluntary contributions are treated with respect and discretion by independent, certified auditors who have access to the funds.

In addition to tithing, faithful church members also contribute fast offerings. At least some of them come from the money they save by fasting twice a month. The proceeds are used directly to help the poor. Bishops or congregation leaders divide funds in a confidential manner because they are familiar with the circumstances of their members. A sense of dignity and the goal of self-reliance is at the foundation of such local efforts to aid the poor. 

Get Online Donations for your Church with the help of Sodality

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Benefits of having an online donation app for churches:  

A technologically essential tool for churches worldwide, online giving not only helps with tracking tithes and offerings but also increases giving and stewardship. To expand their donor base and regular donations, churches that stick to conventional methods and do not switch to digital platforms may face a major challenge. Thus, online giving should be used to reach a wider audience. 

1. Take your online giving to the next level: 

You can donate online whenever you like, even when you are busy at work or with your family. You can use special POS terminals that allow automatic giving at any time. This will keep you from forgetting to donate.  Additionally, if you prefer your contributions automatically deducted each month or quarter, a platform like this will save you from having to write checks. Donate by setting up recurring payments in your system and never miss a donation. It will automatically deduct from your bank account until you cancel, simple! 

2. Checks and cash are obsolete

The online giving system allows churches to accept donations digitally instead of cash or checks. You can now offer a secure platform where online donations can be made. In contrast to the church’s ability to organize a fundraising event easily, your donors can use their debit and credit cards or other digital payment methods to make their contribution. 

3. Take your donation to the next level

To secure their finances, churches cannot ignore this young generation. Today’s youth must have access to a fast and effortless way to contribute to churches, no matter how big or small. Despite making up a large share of today’s youth population, today’s teenagers are predetermined to contribute to society as much as possible. They value time and effort, so a platform that provides speed, security, and convenience appeals to them the most. It is an excellent opportunity for churches to use online giving tools by partnering with Sodality. 

4. It is Your Money, it is Your Donations

 Donors can change their preferences at will by doing so. E-donations are convenient for members who do not have cash on hand but still wish to donate. Unlike checks, electronic fund transfers are almost instantaneous and do not hold back your funds. There is no need to panic about them. Through a secure channel, the donated funds are directed to the church’s account without manual intervention. By minimizing the risk of theft and fraud, churches can gain credibility over time. By stimulating recurring donations, the church can gain an advantage once donors gain the confidence they trust. 

5. Record-keeping Is No Longer a Problem

In a church that receives donations digitally, maintaining records is a major challenge, but it is a worthwhile step. By using technology, your church’s staff can handle all their collections without spending hours doing manual bookkeeping.  Using manual bookkeeping, you will not be able to tell which fundraising campaign brought in the most donations. In the face of such huge data, you cannot tell if a specific donation was handled correctly.

Did you thank the donor sufficiently and issue a tax-deduction receipt? Did you deposit the donated funds in your bank?

It is likely that many of these questions have no answers and will cause anxiety.  Online giving platforms for churches come to the rescue. It can electronically process your data, maintain records, and provide you with detailed reports to help plan your next philanthropic event. 

6. Take a moment to express your gratitude by dropping a note

For a relationship between the Church and the donor to be successful, trust, belief, and selfless service to society must be present between the two organizations. It is certainly not easy to part with one’s hard-earned money, but people tend to do so because they develop an attitude of gratitude. 

As a result, the church can show its gratitude to its donors by sending them a Thank-You Note in return for their generosity and support. Churches can take advantage of this act by using their Online Giving platforms to express gratitude for it and build a community of loyal patrons. 

Things to consider an online giving platform for your church.

1. Make setup easy:  If you are looking for giving software that does not take too much time to set up but does not require a great deal of paperwork, you may want to check out some that allow you to set up your donation account and fundraising page in a few minutes. 

2. Low Fees: Donations and software fees can really cut into the funds you are raising. To make sure more money stays in your church’s budget, ensure that you understand what each service charges. Depending on the service, there may be a subscription fee or a donation processing fee.

3. The possibility of many payment methods: To ensure your church does not leave money on the table, it is wise to accept as many legitimate payment options as possible when fundraising. These days, most people prefer to donate via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal – or even cryptocurrency! Make sure the service you choose accepts the payment methods your congregation will use. 

4. Donation options that are flexible: The ability to offer recurring donations can boost online tithing for churches, as it can be used for tithing collected weekly or monthly, quarterly, or annually 

5. Managing donors and building relationships: As soon as you begin looking for the right online giving platform, you will be able to build relationships with those who are part of your congregation. Look for a platform that allows you to track donor communications or that integrates with your existing CRM system if you currently use one. 

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A few tips to Increase Online Donations for any Church:

  • Get your online donation page right the first time. 
  • Set up recurring donations weekly. 
  • Thank you, letters should be sent out. 
  • Fundraise with Text-to-Give. 
  • Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to raise funds. 
  • Develop a mobile app for your church. 
  • Ensure that progress and finances are consistently reported. 
  • Donor follow-up. 

No matter what your church needs are Sodality can take you to that next level. We will work side by side in creating the app that is perfect for you, your church, and your congregation. Make Sodality to app development partner today.

Get Online Donations for your Church with the help of Sodality

Fully managed Church giving app to engage and grow