Membership Management Software For Nonprofits

Top 10 Membership Management Software For Nonprofits

The membership management market will be inspecting significant changes in the upcoming years. Experts say that this market is expected to touch 8.26 billion market by 2029. There are several membership apps in this industry. If you are looking for the best online membership management software, then here is the list of the 10 best applications for you. We are here to invite you to go through this article.  

What is a Membership Management App? 

 Membership management application helps nonprofit membership organizations manage their members, such as volunteers aligned to achieve a specific goal. These applications help members to receive the latest updates about the events so that they can plan their program. 

Looking For Membership Management App Platform?

Sodality is a white-label application platform that helps you in membership management software.

What are the Benefits of Membership Apps? 

Increase the Count of Registrations: 

These applications help in increasing the number of registrations. With this application, the members will tend to receive notifications regularly. This feature encourages other members to be a part of a particular event.  

 It makes Membership Management Easy: 

These applications make the management process easy. You can track the number of registrations, the number of active volunteers, and the information related to events. 

 No need to Invest much Time in the Administrative Process: 

 There are several time-consuming repetitive processes within the organization. These applications can help you to automate these processes. So that you can invest your time in other important processes. 

 Quick Application Processing: 

Usually, companies have landing pages to advertise their services. These landing pages can have registration forms so that new members can fill them in, and their information gets uploaded to the database automatically so that their information is processed in no time.  

Payment Management:  

Nowadays, membership management software like Sodality comes with effortless payment gateways. Since they understand that the payment option is very crucial for members.  

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Top 10 Nonprofit Membership Management Software 


 Sodality is a white-label application platform that helps you in membership management. This application is mainly and not limited to non-profit, membership, and religious organizations.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: In Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Southern US 
  • Founded year: 2019 
  • Features:
    a) Events: This feature will help you to engage with your members by creating events through our sodality’s application.
    b) Donations: We provide an easy-to-use gateway for payments. The sodality’s application also gives you the liberty to pay one time or subscribe for a particular time.
    c) Chapters: This feature will help you to manage other people and members at various locations. So that people with different geological locations can engage easily.
    d) Payments: This feature allows members to pay via a single click without any hassle.
    e) Members: This feature allows you to communicate with other members and groups within the application.
    f) Website widgets: With this feature, you can accept donations with the help of plugins. You can set up a uniform payment method for all your websites. 
  • Pricing: The pricing for this application starts with a $0 setup fee with a 10% payment transaction fee. 

 2. MemberClicks 

 This cloud-based white label app for nonprofit software allows managers to manage the groups for a non-profit organization.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Founded year: 1998 
  • Headquartered: In Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern US 
  • Features: Easy to build website, data hub to store member’s data, Email automation, Event management 
  • Pricing: The pricing for this application starts at $3,750 annually.

3. ClubExpress  

It is another cloud-based membership management software for associations and clubs.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: In Schaumburg, Illinois, United States 
  • Founded year: 2004 
  • Features: This application offers various features such as non-profit marketing, donor management, membership management, and fundraising.  
  • Pricing: The price for this application starts with a monthly hosting fee of $30.

4. WildApricot  

It is a customizable web-based nonprofit membership management software. It will help you to keep your members’ information secure.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: In Great Lakes  
  • Founded year: 2006 
  • Features: Website builder, Online app, Payment gateways, Online store, Email, and contact database.  
  • Pricing: It comes in regular and multi-chapter pricing. The price may differ according to the plan you choose. 

5. Raklet  

Raklet is again a cloud-based platform that helps non-profit organizations grow through building and managing associations.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: In San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US 
  • Founded year: 2013 
  • Features: Custom Reports, Fundraising, and donations, Email marketing campaigns, Organized events, Discussion boards 
  • Pricing: The pricing for this application starts at $0 for 50 contacts then it will increase with the number of contacts.

6. 360Alumni 

It is a membership management and fundraising platform. They are serving high schools, nonprofits, and membership organizations.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: On East Coast, New England, Northeastern US 
  • Founded year: 2012 
  • Features: Event management, fundraising, Groups and chapters, Mentorship, Email marketing, Membership management 
  • Pricing: The pricing for this application starts at $8,550 / yr. with a $3000 setup fee. 

7. Springly  

It is a membership management software for clubs, associations, Churches, religious organizations, Networks, Students, colleges and universities, and Professional Organizations.  

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: In Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US 
  • Founded year: 2011 
  • Features: CRM-based management system, Event Planning, and management, Website builder 
  • Pricing: The pricing for this application starts at 0$ and then the price with change as per the number of contacts.

8. Regpack 

 It is membership software that manages the registration process for members letting their clients do other important business.  

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: In San Diego, California, United States 
  • Founded year: 2009 
  • Features: Online form builder, Registration templates, Session and attendance tracking, Group Registration, Recurring Payments 
  • Pricing: The pricing for this application starts at $125 per month per admin, and then the price with change as per the number of contacts. 

9. Hivebrite  

It is management software that helps in managing members and communities within the network and other brand-related processes and opportunities.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Founded year: 2015 
  • Headquartered: In European Union (EU) 
  • Features: Import and export members’ data, Target members by groups, Mass updates, Profile Update campaigns, and tracker.  
  • Pricing: Their solutions target education, professional networks, Nonprofits, and Corporate Alumni, and their pricing is based on customizations.  

10. Doubleknot 

 They are serving nonprofit membership organizations including zoos, museums, nature centers, Botanical gardens, and Boys and Girls Scout councils.   

  • Company’s website: 
  • Headquartered: In East Coast, Southern US 
  • Founded year: 1998 
  • Features: Timed ticketing and admissions, membership and fundraising, Event registration, and Point of Sale (POS) software. Integrations and Partnerships, etc. 
  • Pricing: Their pricing is based on custom applications and a per-hour model. The price may vary according to the number of features.

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Need help with Membership Manangement Apps

Sodality can help you in developing your next world-class Membership Management Apps.


We hope you liked this information on the best membership management platforms. Before purchasing any membership programs, you can compare the listed applications. The price we mentioned may vary with time and addons. If you are looking for the best white label app development company, then you can contact us. We are here to help you out.