How Mobile Apps Engage Donors and Members for Non-Profit Organizations

Some non-profit organizations have adopted a savvy strategy to retain donors and receive more charity than others: They take a corporate brand approach to marketing. Digital marketing helped many brands overcome decreased television viewership and print media readerships they once relied on to reach the public. Mobile app for nonprofit organizations is one of their most powerful digital adaptations more nonprofits should adopt them as well.

A mobile app for nonprofit organizations, including churches, cuts out competition for attention in followers’ crowded social media feeds. It creates a direct link for the most passionate members to engage closely with organizations. Their increased engagement and connection encourage brand loyalty nonprofits to need to increase members and donations.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

A mobile app for nonprofits organizations is a customizable tool to complement the messages, goals, and conversions websites and social media platforms initiate. Once users become aware of an app, they download it to their smartphones. They can set up their own notification, alerts, and engagement levels.

Mobile apps for nonprofit organizations and churches give leaders many benefits beyond older marketing technologies and practices. These include:

  • Direct access to users and followers even when they are not engaged in social media
  • The deleted necessity for followers to keep up with, visit or rely on websites
  • Data collection as part of donor onboarding and segmentation according to special interests

Donors and members will appreciate organizations’ extra efforts to keep in touch through mobile apps. Nonprofits and churches must be creative with their mobile app designs and offerings to convert these benefits to increased donations.

Give Members and Donors the Personal Touch

Mobile apps help organizations identify users they have an extraordinary edge. A high degree of investment is necessary for someone to move beyond typical connections like a newsletter subscription or social media following. Therefore, mobile apps for donation are likely to land at the fingertips of people who have already donated or are likely to.

Content creation becomes easier when nonprofits understand mobile app users as invested people who donate or show such interest they download an app. This audience requires gratitude-centered content and reports on progress from contributions. Other personal features include detailed profiles users can share and advance notice for special events.

Keep Up With the Flock

The tech-savvy population pushed churches to evolve to the digital age. The most popular adaptations were streamed worship services and social media pages for congregants. Now, more faith-based mobile apps target the general population and help users keep spiritual goals.

Mobile apps for churches can reinforce messages, quotes, and verses from worship services in case users could not attend or stream. Congregation leaders can communicate upbeat, inspirational messages throughout the week. Tithe, offering, and donation capabilities are essential functions to integrate into mobile apps for churches.

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Add Value, Not Problems, To Members and Donors

The abundance of email newsletters, social media campaigns, and online ads have become endless distractions people skip past. These nonstop inundations make nonprofits and churches, which have smaller budgets, casualties of digital volumes they may not even add much to.

If organizations tread lightly and strike good balances, people just might see mobile apps for nonprofit purposes as shelters from the online storm. Authentic feel-good missions and inspirational aims add value the average corporation or brand must force with clever copy. Nonprofits and churches do this naturally.

A Better Way To Campaign

A mobile app for nonprofit organizations streamlines many steps members and donors need to pledge through websites, mail, and hotlines. As a one-touch portal to connect, the app helps people fast-track to donate or see what their money goes to.

Generate More Excitement

Crowdfunding and campaigns depend on bandwagon and thunderclap effects. Many people show they are behind a cause and this draws others’ interest. Hopefully, all donors post and share their backings online to initiate an organic trending event.

Mobile apps can send updates straight to members’ phones and track benchmarks for donors. Users can feel like active participants in a team effort, not just passive spenders who send off money and then disengage.

Provide Convenient Support and Features

Website technical issues and slow response times will sink well-meaning donors’ intentions to give. Even when everything is all good online, not everyone has time to scroll websites or navigate pages. Donations become easier with support and payment portals embedded into mobile apps.

Nonprofit apps need donation-friendly features such as users’ ability to set reminders to give periodically, track their giving, and view tax write-off information. Such courtesies help organize donors in the cloud and eliminate the stresses that may deter giving. Community-building hashtags and social media links are also functional conveniences.

All these worthwhile reasons to try mobile apps for donation are meaningless if nonprofits and churches can not access the technology. However, increased public demand led to many expert options to build custom mobile apps to fit every budget. When nonprofit organizations squeeze out the money to design and maintain stylish mobile apps, they will discover a noticeable return on investment for a modicum of management and work.

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