Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

How Mobile Apps are Helping Nonprofits to Boost Donations

To be successful, every non-profit organization must make money. Due to the large mobile usage throughout the world, one of the best ways for a nonprofit to boost donations is through a mobile app. Mobile apps for nonprofits increase your donations more than sending letters or making random calls. The app store offers users a new way to find your nonprofit to make a donation. Without mobile apps, your users may not be aware your nonprofit even exists.

When someone decides to donate to a worthy cause, they most likely perform a search. The algorithm offers the best options available. App stores are browsed every day by millions of people. This is the reason nonprofit app development is so important. An app is also less expensive than SEO for your nonprofit’s website. A critical nonprofit application is a mobile app because a mobile app optimizes your user’s experiences to increase donations.

Nonprofits App Development

Most people are more likely to make a donation using a tablet or a cell phone because their smart devices are always accessible. When they have to stop by a physical location, boot up a computer, or call your nonprofit directly, the chance they will make a donation decreases. A mobile app enables users to create an account on your nonprofit platform. All of their information and data will be saved to make it easier for them to make another donation later on.

Optimizing Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

To optimize the experience of your users, a good personal experience is necessary. The ideal nonprofit application provides different navigation for every user. Some users are customers but others are donors. You can even create an option just for volunteers. Your mobile app can also be used for sponsors and affiliated partners. When your nonprofit’s app development is performed correctly, the number of donations you receive will increase.

Not all apps are expensive to create. The money you do spend is rewarded with more customers and additional donations. Once you have launched your app, you will earn back everything you have spent and more. Mobile apps offer your three basic income streams, advertisements, subscriptions, and purchases. As a nonprofit, you can add donations to these income streams. You can even start a subscription program just for donations.

Collecting Donor Information

As a nonprofit, you rely on donations. Mobile apps for nonprofits enable you to collect donations for the causes and charities you are working with. You will be able to collect donor information a lot easier with a mobile app than by using snail mail to send out letters or make phone calls. When a donor signs up, all of their information is saved to their account. You can then track the behavior of your donors to separate them into different groups.

Once a donor has established an account, you will be in constant communication through your app. Your fundraising campaigns can be promoted through your mobile app. You can show the progress of your fundraising to your donors by placing a graph on your app. Many donors will be encouraged to give money to help your nonprofit reach its goal. You can also send your donors push notifications regarding fundraising campaigns on both Android and iOS devices.

The Trust Factor

Mobile apps for nonprofits offer legitimacy and security. Potential donors will know your nonprofit is not a scam. The best way to increase your donations is by making the name of your nonprofit extremely well known. You can accomplish this through a mobile app. If your nonprofit is small or recently formed, potential donors may not respond when asked for a donation because they do not know who you are yet. Most people will not give a random caller their personal details or credit card number.

Your donors will trust your nonprofit once you have a lot of reviews, ratings, and downloads. You can ensure your mobile app is secure by enabling your donors to use secure methods like credit cards or PayPal. The more options you offer, the more secure your donors will feel. Some people will never be comfortable giving out a credit card number, but they feel safe making a donation using PayPal. Everyone who takes the time to download your app is interested in your cause.

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The Benefits of Mobile Nonprofit Apps
The benefits include:
  • The ability to raise money for a specific cause
  • Interaction with donors through your mobile app
  • The creation of community discussion boards where donors can share their stories
  • Ensuring your donors are informed regarding upcoming events
  • Promoting referrals from the family and friends of existing donors
  • One of the best combinations for increasing donations is a mobile website and app
  • You can ask for donations through SMS messaging
  • You can collect user information to promote your fundraising
  • Your mobile app is the link between your community and your donors
  • Improving the legitimacy of your organization
  • Using social media platforms to create unique donation forms
  • Helping to boost your new donations while retaining existing donors
  • Increasing awareness of your nonprofit
  • Offering your donors an improved and personalized experience
The Final Word

If you want to boost your donations, you must ensure potential donors are aware of your nonprofit while offering them a safe and easy way to make donations. Due to the consistently increasing popularity of cell phones, a mobile app can reach more potential donors than any other approach.

Boost Your Donation with Sodality

Fully managed whitelabel app platform helping you engage and grow