Membership Organizations

Continuously grow your brand by engaging with new and existing members

Sodality offers global membership organizations a unique way to engage with their members with their own branded mobile app. Members today are mobile and need a way to access information on the move.

Create your own branded mobile app

Creating your own branded mobile app is no longer difficult or expensive. Ask our specialists to help you put your logo and branding on the app that you can offer to your members.
Membership Organizations App
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Never worry about losing any membership dues

Your members no longer need to wait for that reminder on email or miss on any dues. The membership dues are automatically managed by Sodality mobile app platform. The dues are paid automatically using secured payment processing at set duration.

Engage with multiple chapters

Our largest clients have over 1500 chapters across the globe. Their members use Sodality app in background to interact and engage with other members across the organization. They are no longer limited to their local reach.
Donation Apps for Membership Organization
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Promote your regular events

With the app your local chapters can promote their events to their members and general public using the mobile app platform branded in your own name.

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