Top 10 Nonprofit Tech Trends to See in 2020

Top Ten Nonprofit Tech Trends to see in 2020

Nonprofits are experts in utilizing technological advancements in order to meet their needs and service clients best. From development of a mobile app for nonprofit to better technological fundraising experiences, there truly are technological advancements that fit every nonprofit’s needs. Nonprofits must keep up with the ever evolving demands of advanced technology in order to reach people and fulfill their missions the best way possible. Here are the ten nonprofit tech trends in 2020.

1. Mobile App Development

Nonprofit app development is at the heart of engaging donors and consumers of information. A mobile app for nonprofit sectors encourages fundraising and development as well. If a consumer of the nonprofit is truly engaged by the app, he or she will be more likely to attribute to the cause being promoted by the nonprofit. Nonprofit app development is essential as a modern way to interact with potential donors and consumers.

2. Nonprofit Networking

Nonprofits help nonprofits. They can advocate for one another and support one another. In this regard, another technology trend is the development of online networking platforms for nonprofits. Input can be given by the nonprofits to further improve and develop these networking platforms.

3. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance and artificial intelligence is a growing trend among many industries, including non-profits. Donors can utilize their choice of virtual assistant to make a donation through the services the assistant provides. Consumers who are interested in learning more information could ask their choice of virtual assistant to tell them more about the certain non-profit. Non-profits could even develop an app for the virtual assistant program to promote their message.

4. Attention Seeking

Social media analytics and other analytic websites are important statistic providers for many companies in assessing user engagement. Non-profits can utilize these social media analytics, if a social media page is being utilized or the other analytic sites to gauge how many consumers interact with their online information. The analytics will then assist the non-profits in determining if new ideas are necessary to reach more consumers and donors or if things should remain the same.

5. Fundraising

Many non-profits and companies are in competition for funding and fundraising. It is necessary for non-profits to utilize innovative solutions to encourage fundraising to their cause. This could be through social media giving drives, online contests and options to give online. It would also attract donors if giving was more streamlined by offering just one click solutions or through offering giving through texts.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain, or its more common counterparts of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, are technological advancements that are extremely beneficial to non-profits. Non-profits can accept blockchain currency from donors. Grants can be made through blockchains to serve the missions important to non-profits. With whatever monetary information the blockchains are utilized for, any monetary funding is also able to be tracked. This provides ease of mind to donors and non-profits alike.

7. Automation

Automation increases efficiency for companies, and this includes non-profits. Email blasts, automated messages or calls to action can be important to non-profits when they already have limited time and resources. These ideas of automation can assist non-profits in sending out greater awareness, potentially increasing donations. Communication with donors, accounting and budgeting are all tasks that can be completed through automation as well.

8. Machine learning

Machine learning can be utilized in tandem with automation. This is especially true in regards to sending out automated messages in regards to email blasts or donor communications. This is all done through data analytics. Another type of analytics machine learning utilizes is predictive analytics in which they utilize the data to communicate the best way possible in order to get the most funding out of donors.

9. Data Security

With increased risks of cyber crimes in today’s world, many donors are weary of data loss or identity theft. It is essential that non-profits ensure data security for their donors in order to protect their funding. Non-profits should have their cyber security assessed by a professional to ensure they are secure as possible. They should also ensure that there are back up systems installed in case there ever is data loss.

10. Mobile Fundraising

As aforementioned, the development of mobile apps is essential to non-profit awareness. Utilizing other outside mobile applications are important to donors as well. These include allowing donors to give funding through means such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. It is important that donors are able to give quickly with the busy lives they lead. This makes giving much more appealing and accessible.

Technological advancements affect every type of industry. It is essential that nonprofit tech trends keep up with technological demands in order to increase funding and attract more consumers. This can be done through ease of fundraising, innovative fundraising, mobile devices, cryptocurrency and more.

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