7 Reasons Why is it important to create Mobile App for Churches?

Nowadays it’s very difficult to find a person that doesn’t use a smartphone or never checks email frequently or has no social accounts. In today’s world, pretty much every modern user can be contacted through mobile devices, and donors to the churches are no exception. There is a strong need today for religious organizations like churches to encourage technology and utilize it for better engagement with the mobile app for churches. “The full mixture of opportunities can be started with this program.

Designing an efficient mobile app for churches can be difficult. Lot of things need to be involved in overall success of initiative, relevant points need to be considered, and then you have great chances to develop a church mobile apps that will be used and supported.

Many churches have already started using mobile apps for a better connection with their groups. Some of them record the lessons, others upload them to social media within their program. Digital technology allows the church to give more to people, and to willingly embrace religion into the useful world full of technology.

It’s an interesting factor that spirituality can turn to technology to support members. This helps them reach out to new followers. Even the Holy Father has started using Twitter to find Catholics throughout the world within the limit.

Delegates, readers and traditional marketing methods still have their place in the world, but the use of church mobile apps provides quick conversations when people are on the train going to work, having lunch or while in class.

Why is it important to create Mobile App for Church?

There are many benefits that advanced technology gives to people. Thinking about churches, there is a complete list of ideas that can be built into church donation apps to serve their followers well. Take a look at this list to make sure that church mobile apps can profit religious organizations in the best way:

1. Engage with the followers

2. Promote events within followers

3. Expand the reach to newer followers

4. Better and direct communication between followers and pastors

5. Interacting and registering as a volunteer

6. Donations for special and recurring causes

7. Live & recorded sermons

8. Reading and reference material

9. Newer community announcements

How to create a useful Church App

Whether you are an organization that requires to create a church app for android or iOS, or you are a church spokesperson, here we want to share the list of basic features that are worth using for future applications.

Universal information about Church

With so many different religious organizations it is important to give the right information about church. It may carry history, service plans, outlines of the church and surrounding area, etc. Everything that supports what is the church in a proposal should be right there in the very beginning. Try not to mislead people, they will be thankful. Translate everything before moving further.


With their help, you will be able to pass any sort of information that the congregation is supposed to receive. There can be email subscriptions or notifications. In any case, according to the Christian Web Trends survey, 75% of responders called notifications among the most useful church mobile app features, while 89% of respondents also called messages.

Notifications may not just give people with information about coming events and news, but also mention important holy dates or even a time for prayer. With the Modernized life, it can be too easy to ignore religious moments. People like small suggestions that take them back to reality and save the feel of scattered time.

Mobile Bible

Studying the Bible is a vital role of a religious life that cannot be ignored. The possibility of reading the Bible from a mobile or laptop can be very attractive among people. It will decrease the possibility of creating notes, and no doubt it will be highly used. It is quite possible to improve the church app development cost, but the importance it sums to the app is endless.

Raising Donations

A non-profit organization demands to collect investments effectively. Sometimes people want to donate, but arriving at the event they forget money at home. Helping them with the opportunity to donate at any suitable time is a great idea. Many ready-made solutions can be combined into applications on iOS or Android even without the requirement of designing custom ones. There are possibilities to accept donations through app on recurring basis too. This will allow donors to be able to set auto pay on the donations to be deducted on regular intervals.

Social Media Groups

Everyone in the industry understands that developing an church donation app with social networks is practically good. It can be used for enrollment and login, or to share useful knowledge from the app which also works well for development. Developing a religious organization is important for several purposes though. It can make the church more available, serve more people in, let the group share daily devotionals and invitations to the events.

Media Libraries and Talks

The more your app can provide people, the more cherished it will be. No doubt that church app developers should pay attention to the feature of giving good content to the users. It can be:

  1. Talks
  2. Workship Support
  3. Bible Readings
  4. Lectures
  5. Educational Videos
  6. Religious Songs
  7. Spiritual Movies

With the media library, you support your followers not to miss anything even if life makes them travel or stay home sick or attend other functions. Also, think about people who live too far to visit the church regularly, but want to be a member of church as much as possible.

Digital Bulletines and Blog Posts

It’s hard to create a spiritual community without announcements such as The Sunday bulletin. This is an ancient belief that is important for many ages. Creating a bulletin digital and bringing it into your designed app can also support the church to save money, the number of prints will significantly decrease. With push-notifications, your congregation will never miss it.

Blog posts can also be very helpful to share opinions and feelings. It may have many forms. For example, the church may support believers to write reports themselves. It might be another way of helping people to discover their skills and get more useful content all at once.

Features for Children

To develop a church donation application will be more helpful for children, you can add specific pages for toddlers. The program should be developed, children might be bored with just viewing the subject of the Bible. To make it more attractive, you can add communicating content, competitions, and puzzles entertaining and attracting at the same time.


Creating a church app for your community can be more joyful journey full of new opportunities and charming ideas. Everything will achieve out the way you want it to do, you require to design the church app cost, consider a technical task outlining the features, choose a development team and create your plan for more people to appreciate it.

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